Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Back of Adam's Head

During my stranding in Honolulu, Adam made the suggestion to hike up Diamond Head, the towering volcano overlooking Waikiki Beach.  That is something I have never done, so I enthusiastically agreed that was a great idea.

We decided we'd walk from Waikiki.  Now, this blog could have been a collection of selfies of my face.  I decided the back of Adam's head would be more fun.

This is the tunnel that is drilled through the rim of the volcano to get into the crater.  The area to the left is the pedestrian walkway.  I thought this looked like something out of a Bond movie.

Inside the crater is a little gift shop and visitor's center.  That's also where the government collects your $1 entrance fee.  The altitude inside the crater is at about 200 feet above sea level.  The top of the rim is 760 feet or so.

The trail is well marked and well traveled.

It curves around rocks and trees and shrubs, up, up, and up.

You might have to enlarge this photo to see, but the trail zigs and zags back and forth up the side of the crater.  There was very little humidity in the crater and it must have been ninety degrees, so it was really hot.

This is the opposite view of that last photo, looking down on where I took the photo of Adam.

The cliff is steep, but the trail is well worn.  According to one of the volunteers down in the crater, more than 2,000 people make the hike every single day.  That's a lot of traffic.

Apparently there are still people who need signs like this to know that they shouldn't jump off the cliff.

And this is the view from Diamond Head looking down on Waikiki.  As I type this I realize that I should have taken a photo of Waikiki looking up at Diamond Head.  

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