Monday, July 14, 2014

UA 2064 Honolulu - Majuro

Our flight out of Honolulu was delayed a full day for “mechanical reasons.” Another flight from Honolulu to Guam had to make an emergency landing in Midway, and from what I can gather, the plane we were supposed to take yesterday had to go pick up the stranded passengers and take them back to Honolulu. This is the second United flight in a week for me that was canceled. The airline offered 17,500 frequent flier miles in recompense.

After spending an extra day in Honolulu, our taxi picked us up in front of our hotel at 5:30 AM. When we got to the airport there was no one in line ahead of us in the premier line or in TSA Pre-Check, so we were inside the terminal by 6:00 AM. The board said our flight was delayed. Here we go again.

To fill my empty stomach, I ordered an iced venti chai tea latte and a very berry crumb cake from Starbucks. Boarding started about an hour before our departure time. I was upgraded to business class at the last moment.

I hate early morning flights, so I skipped the airplane breakfast and fell asleep. Two hours later I woke up and watched a documentary on Marvel Comics.

About midway through the flight, the attendants gave us a chocolate chip cookie and some milk, which is just about the best thing I’ve ever been served on an airplane.

There was some turbulence as we started our decent into Majuro. The plane landed at 10:38, about 17 minutes early. So much for the late departure!

We breezed through immigration and customs and then a representative from Robert Reimers met us outside and took us to the hotel.


kirida said...

How do they give you the free miles? Do you have to complain first?

Angelo Villagomez said...

They gave me the miles this time without any prompt, but if you complain they will sometimes respond with a reward of some kind.