Monday, November 24, 2014

Training Break

Today was my first run since the Anthem Richmond Half Marathon. I started out thinking I was going to run about 9 miles, but about 3 miles in I realized that wasn't happening. I felt some tightness in my legs and tasted the bacon cheeseburger and fries I ate for lunch. I cruised home with 5.3 miles under my belt.

I've been training consistently since August 15 and spent the better part of the last three months either starving, exhausted, or both. Rain or shine (rain just meant a treadmill), I'd knock out about 5 miles each day or 60 minutes, whichever was shorter. The half marathon (and some travel) put a hiccup in my training, but I think I needed it.

I took about a week off before the race (due to travel) and a week off after the race (due to laziness) and now I feel great. My plantar fasciitis is gone. My achilles don't hurt. It doesn't hurt to walk and my muscles thank me for that. And I drank a lot of beer, which always makes me feel good.

I've got 48 days left to train for the Disney Marathon. If I'm to reach my goal of 500 miles in 100 days in training (plus the 200 prior to signing up for the race), I'm going to have to up my mileage, which is something I should be doing anyway. Hell, I can average 8:30 miles over a half marathon now, so no reason I can't pick up the pace and distance during my daily runs.

The half was a wake up call to how difficult the marathon is going to be, but I'm still optimistic that I can run 9:00 miles to finish in just under 4 hours.

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