Friday, April 03, 2015

Healthy Reefs Need Sharks

Sir Richard and Shark Stanley
It's been a busy year. It's only April and I've already been to The Bahamas, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Martin, and St. Maarten to talk shark conservation. In the next month I'll visit Grenada, Fiji, and Samoa.

Speaking of Grenada, we're launching our global Shark Stanley campaign there on Thursday.  Richard Branson recorded this most excellent video to help us promote the good work of Shark Stanley and the creation of new Shark Sanctuaries.

I'd love your help, too. You can visit, download one of the characters, print him up, cut him out, take a photo with him, and post it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #SharkStanley. Want to take the greatest Shark Stanley photo of all time? Here are a few tips.

There's lots of good stuff in the pipeline for sharks this year, including lots of interesting science. And a lot of that science is going to be focused in the Caribbean islands where I'm working these days.

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