Sunday, May 31, 2015

When in Provo

There's the travel that's tiring and then there's the travel that's rejuvenating.  Last week's trip to the Turks and Caicos was the latter.  Edz and I spent several glorious days soaking up tropical sun rays and eating overpriced imported delicious food.

Our trip had a rough start.  Our flight out of Washington, DC last Tuesday left at 7 AM with a very tight connection in Newark.  I set our alarm for 4 AM, finished packing, and went to bed early.  When I reached to turn off the alarm bleary email alerts from the airline told me our flight out of Reagan National was delayed.  Wait, no it wasn't.  Yes it was.  Hastily I called the airline and was told that the flight was indeed delayed and that we'd miss our connection.  Can you hold?

Good thing I set the alarm so early.  There were no earlier flights out any of the three local airports that would get me to Newark in time, but there was an American Airlines flight with a connection through Miami leaving at 7 AM from Dulles.  Hurry up, we need to get a taxi!

The Dulles taxis can't be ordered last minute first thing in the morning, so I joined Uber, input my credit card information, and made the call.  45 minutes and $21 later we tumbled out of the car at the airport.  Is Uber always that cheap?  I may never take a taxi again.

Our flight to Miami was uneventful, as was our flight to Providenciales.  Our flight landed at about 2 PM.  Immigration was slow, but customs was fast.  An hour later we were at our hotel.  15 minutes after that we were walking along the beach.

Every day at the beach followed a similar batter.  I woke up early and went to the free continental breakfast and brought some coffee, pastries, and yogurt back to the room.  I either read, played video games, or tried to connect to the Internet while waiting for Edz to get out of bed.  Edz would check her phone the first hour she was awake, upload all of the photos from the previous day, or reply to comments that were made during the night.  Then we went back to breakfast, where I continued reading or playing video games.

Fed and caffeinated we'd get ready for the beach, make a stop at the grocery store for water and/or food, and then head to the beach.  I would continue reading in the sand, or try to catch up on any sleep I missed the night before.  Edz took seflies.  And then she asked me to take photos of her.  And then she took selfies of the two of us.  We swam, walked along the beach, snorkeled, and when the mood caught us, stopped at one of the many hotels and condos for food and drinks.

On our second full day we rented Vespas and toured the island.  It took Edz a little while to get used to driving her own scooter, but she learned quickly and didn't crash it once.  We took a clockwise tour around the island stopping at places that looked interesting, like this giant reflective orb.

We took a tour of the conch farm, the only one of its kind in the world.  We saw how they grow the conch and Edz decided that she would never eat them again.  She held true for the rest of the trip.  Not a single conch touched her lips.

After the conch farm we drove to the south end of the island to visit Bugaloos for some food and drink.  We didn't eat that many full meals while we were there.  We'd go someplace when I was hungry and Edz would pick at my food.  Later we'd do the opposite.

Then we spent about an hour at Taylor Bay and stopped for ice cream on our way back to the hotel.  We decided we'd go back for showers before heading to fish fry.

The fish fry held on Thursday night was a lot of fun.  It is very similar to the Thursday street market on Saipan.  I don't remember which booth it was, but I had the best jerk chicken of the trip there.  Edz had the BBQ chicken.  Later she had ice cream (for the second time).  I had beer.

And while on vacation, I did take the time to meet with some of the shark people on island.  This is Tina Randall and Oshin Whyte, Shark Stanley's ambassadors on the island.

Every night we went to the beach for the sunset.  I think this one is from a week ago tonight.  The next photo is from our last night on Monday.  There's more photos posted to Facebook if looking at other people's vacation photos is your thing.

Our flight home last Tuesday was uneventful.  We were upgraded to business on the way back to Newark and our flight to DC was half an hour early.  I ate some ramen noodles while I watched last Sunday's Game of Thrones and then went to bed.

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