Monday, December 14, 2015

Olomwaay Father James

A few years ago when the blogs on Saipan were going strong, we thought of a slogan: "There's always something to do in Saipan."  For many that something involves the Catholic church.  It can be novenas, rosaries, feasts, and of course, fundraisers.  There are lots of fundraisers on Saipan.  Buy a raffle ticket?  We're raising money for off-island medical care.  Buy a hot lunch? The team needs airfare for the tournament.  Buy a concert ticket? Father James needs a new roof.

Father James, our newest priest on island -- and a local boy on top of that -- graduated from Mount Carmel in 2007 and was ordained last December.  He's the priest at St. Jude's, where my good friends, the Kaipat Family Singers -- aka the Olomwaay Family Choir -- sing on Sundays.  And yes, his quarters need some fixing.

The Olomwaay Band -- the rock 'n roll identify of the church choir that goes by a similar name -- was the evening's entertainment -- along with my relative Rita Villagomez (she was handing out the raffle prizes).

Speaking of which, in between songs there was a raffle.  Actually, now that I think about it, in between the raffle, there were a few songs.  Is raffling the same as gambling?  No, of course not.  And neither is bingo.

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