Sunday, July 17, 2016


Edz was sworn in as an American citizen on Tuesday.  The ceremony was held at the District Court and she took the oath with 119 new citizens from about 50 different countries.  Tiana, Kevin, and my Mom came up to witness and celebrate with us.

This was a five year process that began soon after we were married.  We applied for a green card after the wedding and six months later Edz was granted conditional permanent residence.  When that expired two years later we had to apply for the green card again, and this time she was given the ten year permanent residence.  We submitted the citizenship application late last year, she interviewed in April, they asked for more paperwork to prove we were married, and then we got the notice of the ceremony last month.  We didn't use a lawyer, but we had a lot of help from folks especially Delegate Gregorio Sablan and his wife Andrea.  I didn't add up how much we spent, but it was in the thousands.

The League of Women Voters was on hand to register the new citizens to vote.  Edz registered as a Democrat and is looking forward to casting her ballot for Hillary Clinton this year.

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