Thursday, October 20, 2016

CNMI Anthem Ukulele Chords

Something like 10 years ago I wrote a post on this blog about the CNMI Anthem after I recorded Gus Kaipat singing the song at a public event.  In Saipan we often sing this song in place of the US National Anthem, or we'll play them both together at sporting events, political rallies, and what not.

Gi Talo Gi Halom Tasi, which translates roughly into "In the middle of the sea," is one of the songs that I wanted to learn to play once I started playing the ukulele earlier this year.  I searched and searched on the Internet, but couldn't find the ukulele chords.

Well, during my visit this week I asked my good friend Cinta Kaipat to show me the chords and she obliged.  The words don't match up exactly with the chords as I've typed it, but if you have basic ukulele skills (like me) and know the tune, you should be able to figure out the strumming.

Thanks, Cinta!  I'll get to practicing!

C    C    C    C
Gi talo gi halom tåsi
F        F             G7     G7
Nai gaige tano-ho
C    C7        F    F
Ayo nai siempre hu såga
C   G7     C    C
Malago' ho.

C    C    C    C
Ya un dia bai hu hånåo
F    F    G7    G7
Bai fåtto ha' ta'lo
C    C7    F    F
Ti sina håo hu dingo
C    G7    C    C
O tano-ho.

C    C   
Mit beses yan mås
F    C
Hu saluda håo
C    C7        F        F
Gatbo na islas Mariånas
C  G7    C    C
Hu tuna håo


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