Friday, June 02, 2006

Skipper's Beach Bar Happy Hour at the Hyatt

Emily and I, along with AGO Joe and Rachael, hit up the Friday afternoon happy hour at the Hyatt yesterday. It is the same happy hour that we went to last week, I'm just adding pictures from this week because I enjoyed it so much.

The name of the bar is Skipper's Beach Bar. It really isn't much more than a covered bar on the beach. There's nothing fancy or special about it. The chairs and tables are laid out in front of the bar. Some are in the shade, most are in the sun, but all have a perfect view of the upcoming sunset.

Their isn't an entrance fee, but if you want to partake in the buffet, you'll have to ante up $10. Considering what you get for $10 though, it is quite a deal. Yesterday they had poke, chicken kelaguen, a spicy pico de gallo with avocado, chips & salsa, lumpia, chicken wings, and a few other things, but I don't remember what they were because I didn't eat them.

The drinks aren't too expensive. Emily was drinking martinis, which were only $3. My Bud Light cans were $2.50 each. Who ever heard of a hotel charging reasonable prices for drinks?

It can be a little hot if you get there right at 5, but you have to balance coming late with eating buffet food after others have picked through it. Given the choice, I'd rather sweat a bit and be the first to have at the food.

So here is Emily piling up her plate with food from the buffet line:

We both agreed that the best thing yesterday was the pico de gallo with avocado. We used a chips & dip approach to eating it. Outstanding!

Here is the rest of the "bar":

The photo was taken from our table. I turned immediately to my right and took the following photo. This is what you see when you are facing the water and look to your left:

Nice view, huh? The Hyatt even provides entertainment. Last night we had a dancer:

And then a band:

They also had a raffle. Everybody who ordered the buffet was given a free ticket. The prize was a 30 minute massage at Club Elan, the health spa at the Hyatt. The guy who won was on his 117th stay at the Hyatt Saipan...something tells me that he didn't need a free massage.

Then, just because I don't get to be in enough photos, here is a picture of me holding a pineapple and a beer:

Everybody should have a picture of themselves holding a pineapple and a beer.


So anyways, everyone at the bar is waiting for this to happen, which happens every night in Saipan right around 6:30:

Skipper's closes up shop at 7 PM, which is pretty much right after the sun sets. Even though they stop serving, they let you take as much time as you want to finish your drinks. We've closed the place down twice, and we've never felt like they were trying to get us to leave.

After we finished our drinks, we walked along the beach over to Fiesta Resort and Spa and hit up Chambre Bar for some karaoke. Here are Emily and Rachael singing a Madonna song:

Good times were had by all. Especially when AGO Joe and I sang Eye of the Tiger, Livin' on a Prayer, and then Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

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I hate karaoke with an all-consuming, burning passion.