Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday Night at Godfather's

We survived the earthquake! It measured 4.8 on the Richter scale and was centered about half-way between Guam and Rota. The girls said that they didn't even feel it.

So anyways, Ace Soll invited the three musketeers out to Godfather's to celebrate her Mom and to listen to the Brown Republic Band. Unfortunately, after a fun night of corralling little South Korean children and not feeling the earthquake, the girls decided not to go. It was just me and Joe (improper English alert!).

Elena (Ace's mom, Herb's wife) just got a new job at the Fiesta Hotel, so I think that's what we were celebrating. I'm not really sure, though. Ace said they were just celebrating her Mom. That's cool, I guess.

Joe liked the Brown Republic Band a lot more this time around. They were playing fewer pop and club songs and more rock songs. I guess that's more his style or something.

The two girls in the band were still hot. This time the former fur jacket + hot pants girl was going for a Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas look:

While the former union jack + hot pants girl was going for an Xtina thing:

I still say Xtina is hotter, but I have to admit that Fergie does have "attitude."

We also ran into a few of the Bodies on Fire girls. These photos have been censored in order to protect the innocent:

The girl doing the licking is Aubrey. The girl getting licked is Jackie. Her shirt says, "Boys Lie, Make Them Cry." Both Jackie and Joe appear to be greatly enjoying being licked by Aubrey. No comment.

Although she didn't lick me, I had my picture taken with the hot singer:

Don't tell Emily, but she's my new girlfriend.

The Brown Republic Band will be playing at Godfather's every Wednesday night for the next three months. They play at Fiesta Resort on Thursday nights and then at Grand Hotel four nights a week. They don't play anywhere on Sundays.

On Sundays they are going to teach Diana how to play the tambourine so that she can be in the band.


Emily said...

You can have Xtina. Fergie is going to be my best friend forever.

Joe said...

Angelo--could you send me some of the other pictures of me and the girl from the band as well as any other group pictures

Hoover said...

earthquakes and LICKING?!?!!! how do i always miss out on the fun! ugh!!! it's not fair.

Angry Sicilian said...

I'm not sure about that licking.. Her eyes are way too focused.