Thursday, December 07, 2006

Keepin' Busy

What the hell do I do all day that keeps me from washing the pile of dishes in my sink? Seriously, I feel like I'm always doing something. Take today for example:

I woke up around 8, checked my email, responded to a few and then did a few other things online, went to MVA's bi-annual meeting at 10, got out at 2, found that my car had been towed, tracked down my car, paid $45 to get it out of impoundment, went back to the apartment/office, blew off some steam, knocked out a few emails, made a few calls, went to soccer at 5, blew off more steam, ran over to the street market for a soda and some meat on a stick, ran into some people, talked business, went home, took a shower, ran over to the DEQ Christmas party, talked business for four hours, went home, turned on the radio and wrote this blog. Where the heck did the day go?


Saipan Singing SuperstarSo last night was my fifth week as a judge for Saipan Singing Superstar. It was Wild Card night, the night where the people who almost made it got to come back for a second chance. The performances were all very strong, but once again, the ultimate winner was decided by whoever had the most text votes.

I was disappointed that Tikla Brown didn't show up to compete. Out of the 50 or so contestants in the entire contest, she was probably the most talented. Even though we scored her very high, she lost during her week because she didn't have enough text votes. She had the second highest number of text votes last night, but didn't show up to compete! I was really looking forward to sending her to the next round. Oh well, there's always next year. I hope she's OK.

After the contest, the Saipan Grand Hotel graciously offered the judges dinner (with a few adult beverages to wash it down). I've been judging free of charge for the last five weeks, but I have to say, free beer and shrimp tempura are a good trade for our two hours of "work."

EngrishThere are always undoubtedly a group of Japanese tourists that end up watching the show. One of them was wearing this shirt. I just had to ask her if I could take a picture of it, after all, Happiness is warm puppy!

After beer and shrimp tempura at Saipan Grand Hotel I ran over to Godfather's for beer and pizza, where I ran into EJ and Morgan. EJ was hanging out with one of last night's contestants...who lost.

Saipan GodfathersSomebody feels awwwwwwkwaaaard. I was honest with her, though. It's not that she couldn't sing, it's just that she didn't get 45,000 text votes like the winners did.

It makes me wonder, though. How much time to these people dedicate to texting for this contest? Two weeks ago the winner had 90,000 votes. Who has the time to send 90,000 texts? There are only 70,000 people on this island. WTF!?

So I've got a fun weekend planned. Michelle from EPA is on island, so we might go for a dive. Then on Saturday, the finals for the women's soccer league are in the morning, followed by a 4 mile swim from Pau Pau Beach to Managaha at noon, and a party at Brad's house at night. On Sunday we have a cleanup of Dan Dan in the morning and then the first game of the Men's soccer league is at 2 PM. We have 21 guys on our team; I hope I get some playing time. I wish I didn't suck so much.

Alright, time for bed. Goodnight!

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