Monday, December 11, 2006

Soccer on a Sunday Afternoon

American Memorial ParkPlaying soccer at American Memorial Park is very picturesque. If you stand on one side of the pitch you have a great view of the Saipan Lagoon, Managaha, and the Philippine Sea beyond. If you stand on the other side you look up at Mount Tapachou's peak. Every once in a while you get a rainbow, too.

tapachouNot a bad place to hang out on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, huh? Now if only I had some talent...

The night before Sunday's game I went to Brad's "Because We Live Here Spectacular" party up in Marpi. I was feeling under the weather (and just a tad exhausted from the swim), so I didn't drink. The only reason I bring up the party is that one of the girls brought okinomiyaki.

I miss you, Takaoka!

nina kimiko angeloMitai, I found Nina and Kimiko at the party!

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Laura said...

takaoka misses u too!