Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tan Holdings Christmas Party

On Wednesday night I went to the Tan Holdings Christmas Party. I was invited to attend because of my involvement with Beautify CNMI! Tan Holdings wanted to present us with a donation.

The party was held by the pool at Fiesta Resort and Spa. If you've been reading this blog long enough, then you might remember that when I first moved to Saipan I spent two nights at Fiesta. Here I am 9 months later and I've got the owners inviting me to a party so that they can give me a donation (pinches self). I was a restaurant server not to long ago; Sometimes my life in Saipan seems kind of surreal.

Tan Holdings Christmas PartyTan Holdings dropped some serious cheese on this party. Not only were there 3 buffet lines, but there was also an open bar. The food was standard hotel buffet fare, which in Saipan is usually pretty nice. As I loaded up my plate with spoonful after spoonful of tuna poke, I tried to think back to how much a single serving of poke cost at Roy's Orlando. If I remember correctly, it wasn't cheap.

Beautify CNMI DonationThe presentation of the award came at the end of the night. Tan Holdings donated $1000 cash. Wow. This donation was unsolicited, unexpected, yet fully appreciated. Tan Holdings has been a huge supporter of Beautify CNMI! They have donated trees, volunteer hours, supplies, and now money. I can't thank them enough. The money will be deposited into Mariana Islands Nature Alliance (MINA)'s bank account (Did you know that MINA is the Chamorro word for resource?) They accept donations on behalf of Beautify CNMI, which is unable to accept them because we are more of a campaign than a formal group. We'll put this money to very good use in the new year.

Most people started to leave after that. I hung around for a little while and danced in front of the pool. I was entered into a dance contest (against my will) with two other couples. My platonic-date Nina ran off as the music started, so I ended up entering the competition with Brad.

Saipan Dance ContestI can't imagine why we got last place.

The party pretty much ended with the dance contest. I went home, but got a call soon after from Morgan, who promised me pizza if I came to Godfathers.

Godfathers PizzaShe delivered. Thanks, Morgan!

A lot of people from the Tan Holdings party were already at Godfathers. People like this guy:

Marconi CalindasAnd people like this girl:


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