Monday, April 23, 2007

The Trench Wench

Cinta, Gus, EJ, and I ran into Diana and her posse at the Garapan Street Market last Thursday. Diana, Deanna, and Tony had just finished their Trench Tech workout. I thought it would be fun to challenge Diana to a battle.

She wanted to show me her "new" move. She made me lie on my back like she had just knocked me down, then she jumped on top of me and started punching me in the head. The fun and games stopped when she punched me in the trachea.

By then it was just fun. I still say I can take her. If she wants to fight me in the next Trench War, I told her that I would fight her blindfolded with my hands handcuffed behind my back.


Steve Nguyen said...

I don't know, based on what I'm seeing in these photos, it looks like you might have your hands full against her.

CNMI Blogger said...

That's why you're the behavioral specialist -- you sure know how to size things up! You're right -- the Trench Wench had him where she wanted him. I believe I heard "Uncle!" being uttered by him.

myLene* said...

HAHA! you got beat up! =)
eh, jus kidding!
your face is red man!

oh yeah, i'm still not on your blog list and you always looking at my site!

anyway, yes! i'm up for the challenged!
i'm gona get the list of people and tell them to get their money ready.
&& wen i do that, am i gona contact you or who?