Friday, June 15, 2007

Random thoughts on Life in Saipan

Wednesdays are Slow Jam Nights at Chambre Bar at Fiesta. The band, this week it was First Circle, for the next three months it will be Streetbeat, plays slower songs using acoustic instruments. Chambre is set up like a smoking lounge; the combination of atmosphere, live music, and Pirates of the Caribbean II playing on the TV is pretty hip.

What a perfect time to discuss hot singers.

The girl in the picture with Joe, EJ, and me is one of the singers from First Circle. I don't know her name, but she's hot. The other First Circle singer is hot, too.

Remember April and Gina from Brown Republic Band? They were hot. Anchel from Resound was hot and the scary girl from ART was hot, but she was scary.

Which leads to a discussion of the two new girls from Streetbeat:

Streetbeat girlsStreetbeat girlsSo who's hotter? Short skirt or short shorts?

Alright, enough about hot girls. On to more important things.


I strung together a little video of this month's CNMI vs Guam game:

Go CNMI!!!

Alright, how about some tree hugger stuff?

Yesterday morning I helped coordinate the first tree planting of the 2007 Rainy Season. Using coconuts gathered from my late father's house in Fina Sisu and volunteers from the District Boy Scout Camp going on this week, we planted 115 trees.

Saipan Boy ScoutsOne of the most rewarding things about my life on Saipan is working with kids who want to learn. The boy scouts were totally attentive as I spoke to them about the importance of planting trees, ecology, and such.

It was a great event. I even got to participate in the flag raising ceremony:

Later in the day MINA hosted an An Inconvenient Truth power point presentation at Aqua Resort.

Aqua Resort has been a huge supporter of MINA and Beautify CNMI. They have held three fundraiser events for us, donate 10% of every meal on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays to MINA to support Beautify CNMI projects, and regularly participate in our volunteer activities. MINA recognized their support last night.

Thanks, Aqua Resort!

Bob SchwalbachThe presentation was given by former CNMI resident Bob Schwalbach. Bob is part of the 1000 strong Albert Gore's Army (sounds kind of like Dumbledore's Army, huh?) giving Global Warming talks across the US.

The slide show was not identical to the slide show given by Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth. I would say that about 80% of the slides were the same. Some of the slides were newer, some as new as this week, some of the slides were catered to local issues facing the CNMI, and some slides took what Gore talked about and went into the topic in greater detail. My guess is that they were orignally part of Gore's presentation, but were edited out of the movie for one reason or another.

It was a fantastic presentation.

After the talk, the MINA board shared some of our expertise with Bob:

MINA BoardThen we posed for a group picture with Bob:

MINA BoardAfter the presentation some of us stayed at Aqua Resort for dinner. Last night was Seafood Night, which is my favorite night at my favorite buffet. Yum.

After dinner, EJ and I went to Club V.


I might as well finish this post off the way it started:

Club V


Shazam said...

Love the video!!!! I want a big copy of some of those shots for a screen saver. Good job photographer. Great job All Stars! Please let us know when the full game video is out. About the girl question...Never mind who is hotter recruit them for women's soccer. They both look athletic!

Jeff said...

Soccer is not a more important thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shazam said...


Jeff said...

After careful deliberation, I'm going with the one on the right.

As for soccer, I hate to be so American, and I rarely am, but this was hilarious. I remember it from when the world cup was in Seoul when I was there:

Jeff said...

That link is cut off. Hopefully this works. combine it.

Jeff said...

Seoul, Korea - People all over the world from non-hegemonic superpower countries are focusing their attention for the next two weeks on the World Cup soccer competition that is being held in this tiny northern Asian country that is not known for its athletic prowess.
Soccer, a game that people from non-hegemonic superpower countries call football for some obscure reason, had its origins in England, a country best known for the sado-masochistic homosexual hazing practices of its public schools and for driving on the wrong side of the road. Soccer, or non-American "football," is played on a field without yard lines. Each team has eleven players who run around the field like girls and kick a round ball back and forth. Tackling is not allowed because soccer players are sissies and start crying if they are knocked down. Scoring is not permitted because that would cause the non-scoring team's self-esteem to suffer. Sometimes, however, a point is accidentally scored when a deaf player doesn't hear the referee's whistle and kicks the ball into the net. Soccer players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands because they might chip one of their Lee Press-On nails.

Soccer is very popular in poor countries like Bangladesh and France because it can be played on any abandoned minefield and only requires one ball and Depends disposable undergarments for the players. Although soccer players have about as much athletic ability as billiards players and soccer has less action than cricket, soccer fans-known familiarly as hooligans-are among the most physically violent people in the world. Psychologists are at a loss to explain why a sport in which nothing ever happens inspires such violent behavior among its fans. One explanation is that soccer fans riot in order to stay awake during matches that normally last longer than a Fidel Castro May Day speech. Another possible explanation is that soccer fans are so ashamed of being interested in such an unmanly sport that they "act out" by excessive drinking, beating each other with cudgels and setting fire to small barnyard animals in order to prove their manhood. A third proffered explanation is that soccer is so moronic it only attracts the most moronic devotees and the Scottish.

Closing ceremonies will feature the usual New Age schlock spectacular jointly performed by John Tesh, Yanni and other artists of dubious gender adored by soccer moms worldwide. The American Century is then scheduled to continue unabated for another four years.

bigsoxfan said...

Let's hear it for scouting. I happened upon the flag lowering ceremony at Obyan beach. Brought back many happy memories of scouting and I was glad to meet a fine bunch of scouts. Tell the truth, I had a little moisture in the region of my eyes as the baby and I watched the event while mom was gathering shells. Glad you were able to contribute. Speaking of which, Why haven't six pack rings been banned here yet? I picked up two just south of the scout's campsite. Twelve pack holders made from paper work just as well for a six pack when cut in half. Paper vs. Plastic, the eternal battle.

Shazam said...

I have a feeling I'm not the only one who disagrees with the article. Anyone who has played this sport will tell you it is grueling and tough. They will also tell you how easy it is to be passionate about this game. It gets inside of you. As for sissy's I hardly think that a sport with so much contact and so few pads could be considered wimpy. I won't put down other sports but I will tell you that soccer is about each moment..the creativity on the spot..the skills...the endurance...the desire...the teamwork..the strength. I sure haven't seen many article written like that about soccer...most are the opposite. It's so ridiculous!

Shazam said...

"Like that" meaning the one above...oops, I should proof-read first.

Jeff said...

It's just a joke based on America's indifference to soccer relative to the rest of the world playing on stereotypes and so forth. It's meant to be satirical.It's from a satirical site called Broken News. I went in Korea during that World Cup and it was the Super Bowl on Barry Bonds' steroid stash. I was in the states when it started and no one gave a damn there.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

The Korean Football team is a cross between the New York Yankees and the Backstreet Boys.

Anonymous said...

i would vote for soccer than these women grinding in the stage with no talent what so ever.. oh sorry they can strip for a living maybe they can save more money to send to their family back in Philippines.. Club V is a joke..why did they call it a club, when i feel like I am in Filipino ville and full of homo's and untalented singers grinding in the stage...
what is there to do in this island anyway? there is no life here.. yes, great beach,, but we cant be staying in the beach forever.. wake up and smell reality. . sorry but step it up! Guam is booming and where is saipan.... back in the 70's i beleive.. that's why people leave this island.. so stop this bull and work on keeping this island grow..not showcase the strippers in Garapan and the lousy singers in Club V but let's face it.. you people belong here and there is no chance if you guys dont step up, but it is unfortunate... i really have nothing great to say about this island.. maybe if it was run and prosperous like Guam, things will be better fot everyone..

just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Guam = Shangri La

A word of Advice said...

Please don't allow yourselves to be baited into futile debate from which no good can come. Don't Feed The Fruitless.

James Earl Ray said...

I hate those Filipinos, damn broke ass brown people like most of us.

Jeff said...

"The Korean Football team is a cross between the New York Yankees and the Backstreet Boys."

Angelo, are you telling me the Korean Football Team has 26 World Cup Championships, the most famous stadium in the sport, millions of dollars, had Pele as a former player and boinked pre-crazy Britney Spears and total MILF Carmen Diaz.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...


I was referring more to the Brokeback Yankees:

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Club V rocks. Suck it.

Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

Scoreboard aint what it used to be and getting more aint every day.

They have a really good video editing program in those boston junior high schools.