Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve in Garapan

Fat guy in a party hat: New Year's Eve was a lot of fun this year.

Before heading out to celebrate the New Year, EJ and I had a nice quiet celebration in my Garapan apartment. Well, it would have been quiet if it wasn't for the Chinese masseuses setting off fireworks downstairs.

We stayed in for most of the evening. I made her dinner. We watched a movie. We shared a bottle of wine.

The Korean Party Girl wouldn't stay cooped up all night, though. With all that sweet, romantic relationship crap out of the way, it was time to go out and party!

My car is still dead and EJ's car was rented out (her parents own that car rental place on the corner of Beach Road near American Memorial Park), so we had to stay in Garapan.

We hit up the three most popular bars in Saipan. All three are within walking distance, so naturally we took my scooter.

Saipan PrincessI'm a princess, damn it!: The people at Ocean's were handing out tiaras. I never knew a plastic crown could make a grown woman so happy.

The party at Ocean's had some sort of Miss America theme or something. Everyone was handed a sash with a title written on it and all of the girls were given cheap plastic tiaras. These tiaras were very exciting. If a girl happened to walk through the front door without picking one up, one of the other girls would grab her arm, tell her about the tiaras and then they would both rush back out the door to get one. A moment later they would both came back in, smiling as they adjusted their tiaras.

Our sashes could say whatever we wanted. EJ was Ms. KPG, Kathy was Ms. Naughty Spice and Tracy was Ms. Sassy Pants. I was Mr. The Chosen One (remember that movie, Kevin?)

Then it was time to go to the next bar.

Thai Party GirlsThai Party Girls: These girls are crazy. Before I went to Thailand I thought that it was just these Thai girls that were crazy. After having visited their homeland, I now realize that all Thai girls are crazy.

Godfather's, Johnny's, and I guess Billy Bones (that's the new strip club with no strippers Brady alluded to in one of his comments) were having a street party on the side road in front of their bars.

They set up a stage in the middle of the road and had a clock counting off the time until the new year. They hired some ultra-cheesy, funny looking ex-army guy to be their host.

God, what was his name?

Saipan New Years Eve GarapanGuns on the microphone: Brad is turning into Saipan's biggest celebrity. Better make that Saipan's only celebrity.

Oh yeah, Brad Ruszala.

Godfather's is Grand Central Station for hot girls on Saipan. Last night was no different.

Morgan Rose Lannie Walker Garapan SaipanKSPN's Lannie Walker and Morgan Rose were there. They're standing in front of the new pirate themed strip club, you know, the one with no strippers.

Don't you just love Saipan?

Godfathers Garapan New YearsPattie GOALman was also out last night and she was...gasp...wearing a dress! I'm going to try to abstain from making a MILF joke, but seriously you looked great last night, Pattie!

We were still at the street party around midnight. When it got close to countdown time everyone in the bars poured out into the streets.

Brad was up on stage giving away Western Union, PTI and Budweiser promotional stuff. Our group grabbed a lot of stuff and then gave it all to Jeff Turbitt's son Alex.

At the stroke of midnight the fireworks kicked into overdrive. Between the hotels, the bars and the Chinese masseuses all lighting fireworks, Garapan felt like Baghdad on the night of the invasion.

After midnight we walked on over to the Flair. If Godfather's is Saipan's most popular bar, then the Flair is Saipan's coolest bar. They've got cool flashing lights that seem to light up with the music and they do a Tom Cruise in Cocktail-esque show every night.

It's a different crowd from Ocean's and Godfather's, too. If Ocean's attracts the mid-thirties yuppie crowd and if Godfather's attracts the older white guy looking for a hot Asian wife crowd, then I'd have to say that the Flair attracts the college age crowd, with a heavy dose of Korean Party Girls.

Good times at all three bars, trust me.

We didn't stay out too late. My Mom called to wish me a happy New Year around 1:30 AM and I was already asleep.

I woke up this morning and started my New Year's resolutions right off the bat. I made myself breakfast at home and called my Mom back in Florida.

In a few hours I'm leading a group of people on a hike down to Forbidden Island. I went there last year with Diana, EJ and Walt. I'm hoping to make this annual hike a tradition.

So far EJ, Jeff, Carl, Aya, Tracy and Scuba Brad have signed on. If you want to come, just meet us at the top of the trail at 12:30 PM. Call my cellphone if you need directions.

Happy New Year!

...and Happy Birthday to Miss Diana "Like the Cat" Felix. I think she turns 23 today. Could be 24, but I don't think so...and I think she's older than 22.


A G Gatto said...

Happy New Year, Angelo... and all you other guys and gals.


Suz & Andrew


Saipan Kat said...

Why is my boyfriend leaning towards your girlfriend?! Thanks for the scooter ride and Yes Tiara's, plastic or not, sparks our princess fantasies.

Saipan Patricia said...

It was a fun night! Thank you for the compliment. We were commenting how good you are at twirling us around when we dance with you. Let's just say that with the tiaras and twirling, EJ and Kathy were in princess heaven! hehe