Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shark I've Known I

I've been able to take a few underwater photos this year.  I use a Canon PowerShot SX210IS with the matching Ikelite housing.  These photos were taken without a strobe.

I think whitetip reef sharks are my favorite species of shark.  These are the most common shark I've come across.  I've seen them in Saipan, Palau, Marshall Islands, and Fiji.  They are probably the cutest shark swimming in the ocean.

Bull sharks, on the other hand, are not cute.  Beautiful is not a word I think of when it comes to these sharks.  Awesome.  Hi five.  USA.  USA.  Something like that.

So I've got several hundred photos of sharks I've taken this year.  A handful of them are decent.  Since I don't write much for this blog anymore, I might as well post some shark photos


Brad Ruszala said...

there would be loads more to write about if you moved back to saipan!

The Saipan Blogger said...

Yeah, no comment.