Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lib, Namu, Jabwot, and Ailinglaplap

I was in Pohnpei two weeks ago attending the WCPFC TCC (Google it if you really want to know).  I took the Micronesia Island Hopper home and on the leg between Kwajalein and Majuro noticed some islands out the starboard window.  These are four islands that I am pretty sure I will never visit; and they are probably islands you will never visit, either.  I took some photos out the window and I think they are worthy of sharing.

I saw the first island while we were flying into Kwajalein and then again when we were taking off.  Lib is less than 1 square kilometer in size and has a population of about 100.

Closer to Majuro I saw two atolls out the window.  Four of the 54 islets of Namu atoll are inhabited.  800 residents lived there in 1998.

Jabot and Ailinglaplap
Then as the sun was setting, we flew past an atoll and an island.  Jabot is the small rocky island in the foreground and Ailinglaplap is behind it.  While only about 100 people live on Jabot, Ailinglaplap is home to 2000 residents.

And for now, that is all I know about these islands.  They are dots seen from an airplane window.  Maybe one day I will visit, but I doubt it.

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