Monday, February 18, 2013

Bruce Bateman Gets His Revenge, Again

Bruce Bateman, the aptly labeled Drunken Face of Evil, is a friend.  We disagree on just about everything, but he and I were part of a local writers group that occasionally, alright, regularly got together to drink copious amounts of adult beverages and solve the world's problems.

About seven years ago we were also part of a concerted effort to improve Saipan's image using blogs -- in addition to organizing weekly beach cleanups, tree plantings, and other community events.  Bruce volunteered a lot of his time and donated a lot of money to improve the community.  At the time Bruce owned a bar called Porky's, wrote a weekly editorial, and posted to his blog.

Most literate people disagreed with just about everything Bruce wrote or said (unless he was publicly apologizing for his more egregious comments).  The outcry was such that many people called for a boycott of his bar, Porky's.  The leader of the boycott was Mr. Glen Hunter.

Porky's, of course, went out of business, not so much for Glen's boycott, but due to the precipitous crash in the local economy (and Godfather's was a much better bar).  Bruce held a grudge.  I'm sure he still holds a grudge.

Bruce, a supporter of the governor and a writer, was able to find employment with the government after his business went under.  He's one of the anonymous commenters on the Marianas Variety that spends all day writing glowing things about the governor. And he's got it out for Glen.  Bruce played a role in getting Glen canned from his last job, and I'm sure he played a role this time, too.

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