Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tailing a Mysterious Man

I thought I saw a familiar face at the Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama.  He was kind of far away, maybe about 20-30 rows in front of us, but I had my 300mm lens... I snapped a couple of photos and showed them to Edz.

Does that look like someone you know?

I don't know.

Who do you think it is?  It's hard to tell with the hat and sunglasses.

The mysterious man left his seat -- presumably to go to the bathroom (there was really no where else to go).

I think I know who it is.  Let's go say hello.

It's Uncle Herb Soll, visiting all the way from Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands!

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CNMI Blogger said...

Hmmm...After living in Saipan all these years, I'm surprised he's not wearing a thicker coat! Good capture!