Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eden and Melody's Big Day in the City

I took Wednesday off to spend the day with Edz and our friends Matt and Melody from Saipan.  I first met Matt in Saipan in 2007 and Edz worked with Melody for several years.  There are 13 photos posted in this blog.  There are 31 more posted on the Saipan Blog Facebook Page.

Our morning started off with a bit of shoe shopping in Vienna.  I needed a new pair of flip flops and Edz got some shoes that I don't think she'll ever be able to walk in, but she claims matches one of her dresses.  After shopping we took the Metro into the city and got off at McPherson Square to have lunch at the food trucks.  Edz was not impressed and said they were just like the turo-turo places in Manila.

For the third time since she moved here we went to the White House.  I'm not sure if Barry was home, he may have been busy trying to take away everyone's guns or something.  You may notice that I am wearing a most excellent pair of Tevas.  I've never owned Tevas before, but now that I do, I feel like a true liberal.

Our next stop was the National Museum of Natural History.  You might be surprised to know that this is one of Edz' favorite places in America, in fact we have already visited three times.  No, we're not there to see the dinosaurs.  She likes looking at the diamonds.

Matt met up with us in the afternoon once his conference ended and we rented Capital Bikeshare bikes and rode them around the Washington Mall.  The bikes are quite expensive if you take them for a long ride, but I learned afterwards that you can save money by switching bikes every 30 minutes.

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom glory, unlike only five days prior when they were just starting to come out.  This is the first time I've seen the blossoms here and it was amazing.  And we got to share the experience with half a million of our closest fellow Americans.

Renting bikes is definitely the best way to see the cherry blossoms.  Either that, or sitting on a blanket drinking beer.  But if you're going to move around, bikes are the way to go.  The bikes aren't that expensive and they let you see so much more of the city in a much shorter time.

The Washington Monument is covered with scaffolding while engineers try to fix the crack caused by the earthquake that happened a while back.  This is my attempt at hiding the scaffolding behind cherry blossoms.  In a way I kind of liked the scaffolding.  The thousands of millions of photos taken of it this year will clearly date the photos to 2013.

You see lots of photos out there with cherry blossoms coming into a frame from above with the Jefferson Memorial in the background.  This is my attempt.  I like it.

The FDR Memorial is my favorite memorial. If I'm ever president or do something important, that's the kind of tribute I want.  I like the idea of my life being represented by a park.

I think I read somewhere once that the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial was designed with the cherry blossoms in mind.

From the MLK Memorial, we rode our bikes over to the Lincoln Memorial and then along the Reflecting Pool over to the World War II memorial.

The half of the WWII memorial that honors the war in the Pacific has the name of Saipan, Tinian, and Guam inscribed into it.  I like taking photos next to it with my friends from Saipan, Tinian, and Guam.  I think it's cool that my island is represented on the National Mall.  Not every American can say that about their hometown.

We ended the day with some shopping, ice cream, food, and beers in Georgetown.  I hope you enjoyed my photos!

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