Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hotel Kwajalein

The Department of Homeland Security is likely to put me on the no-fly list for publishing these photos of the Kwajalein airport departure lounge. You might remember how a few posts back I got stranded in Kwajalein for 16 hours after my United Airlines flight had a mechanical failure. They didn't have the part on the base and had to fly in a new plane from Hawaii. Unfortunately for me, Hawaii was being slammed by a typhoon just as our plane was breaking down. Oh well. This airline blanket was my bed on Monday, July 29.  The airport only had enough chairs for about half the people and I wasn't about to be that guy.

No room service
The military doesn't allow photos at the airport.  When your plane lands the captain makes an announcement and if you are caught taking photos you are forced to delete them under the watchful eye of an official.  But once you leave the airport, as an American citizen you get to take all the photos you want.  Here are some photos I took last September.

Tip included
But for whatever reason, on this trip the military wasn't letting any of us leave the airport.  Which kind of sucked because the base has a Subway, Burger King, and pizza joint, not to mention a beach bar.  So instead this was my restaurant.  We were also given an endless supply of sodas and pretzels, plus a single slice of pizza after five hours and a donut about two hours before we left.  To compensate, United gave me 15,000 frequent flier miles.  That would normally cost $564.38 to outright purchase, but isn't enough to pay for a roundtrip domestic flight.  I guess I'll take what I can get.

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