Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Layover in Narita

Monday was one of those days that goes on forever.  I started the day in Cairns, hopped on a plane to Guam, and then hopped on another to Japan.  During my seven hour layover I left the airport, as I have been known to do, and took the train to Naritasan Temple.  I was hoping for snow, but was not disappointed to find the last wisps of fall.

After the temple I walked to the AEON shopping mall and ate my favorite dan dan sesame seed noodles.  Then it was back to the airport for a quick shower, some more shopping, and a 9 hour flight to San Francisco.  Then I was bumped from my last flight (with no compensation, I might add!) and downgraded from economy plus to a non-reclining middle seat in the last row.  Due to the time change, this all occurred on Monday.

Thus ended another adventure in global travel.  This trip was the last of the year.  I traveled 160,000 miles in 2013, a new personal record.  I hope to never have to repeat it.  I've posted more photos of Japan on Facebook.

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