Wednesday, October 01, 2014

500 Miles 2 Disney

Long time readers of this blog (yes, both of you), know that I struggle with my weight. I'll put on some weight, run for a couple of weeks and burn it off, then get lazy again and put on more weight. Part of it is my work. I travel a lot and spend lots of time in hotels and restaurants. The other part is that I really like food. A whole lot. Recently, I've been heavier than I've ever been.

Earlier this summer I signed up for a weight loss contest at work. It was $60 to compete and the contest would stretch for 12 weeks. The two people who lost the highest percentage of their original weight or most pounds overall would win. The contest ends this Friday.

I forget where I went, but I was not in town for the first weigh-in. I let the organizers know and they allowed me to weigh-in a few days early. To compensate, I'd have my final weigh-in a few days early, too.

For the first six weeks of the contest I did nothing. I traveled to the British Virgin Islands, the Marshall Islands, and Palau while eating and drinking to my heart's content. While I was in Palau I went for a four mile run with one of my co-workers. I couldn't go more than two miles without having to walk. The next week when I arrived back home, I decided I'd take the contest seriously and start exercising.

That was six weeks ago. I started my workouts on the treadmill in my apartment building. With a brand new pair of shoes, I set the timer for 60 minutes and set a pace for 4.5 miles per hour. That's kind of slow. Each day I tried to go a little faster. I'd increase to 5 mph, and if it got to be too much, I'd slow down. A few weeks in and I was running 6 mph and really bored of the treadmill. I've been doing all of my runs around downtown Washington, DC ever since.

My final weigh-in was Monday. From an original weight of 230, I dropped to 208, a loss of 22 lbs, or 9.6% of my original weight. That's the most weight I've ever lost at one time. The final weigh-in for everbody else at work is on Friday. Fingers crossed that I win, but even if I don't, I feel and look a lot better.

I feel so good, in fact, that I did something a little crazy this evening. After running 5.3 miles along the National Mall, I signed up for the Disney Marathon in Orlando on January 11.

So what's my goal? Honestly, to finish. I've never run a marathon before and I haven't competed in a race since 2012's Tagaman. I've done a little math, and with 14 weeks of training to go, I think I can run 500 miles between now and the start of the race.

It's the first of the month, a great time to start counting down my 500. And since I ran 5.3 miles earlier, I've only got 494.7 miles to Disney.

Stay tuned for updates, and I appreciate any and all encouragement! I've already received some from the mouse:

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