Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meta Blogging Around the Globe

Tony in Kanazawa got a new bike, my Family in Monteverde got a new dog...for the summer, and EJ, Saipan's #1 Korean Party Girl, got a new bikini.

Saipan Jeff is wondering why we all can't just get along and Chicago Steve, The Angry Sicilian, is reminiscing on the old days.

My little, fatter brother, Alex, The Man From Saipan, is looking for a new job.

DC Dengre is pissed off at the CNMI...and the Republicans...and the Democrats. At least he's consistent.


Traditional Fishing WorkshopGroup Photo: Participants (minus me) pose for a group photo at yesterday's Traditional Fishing Workshop.

Today is day three of the Beautify CNMI Micronesia Challenge Summer Camp. I've got pictures from the first two days, which I will eventually post over at the Beautify CNMI blog.

Mylene wrote about Day 1 and Day 2.


The CNMI was without Internet, ATMs, and credit card transactions for about 10 hours yesterday. I continue to be without my HP laptop. I'm using the MINA Toshiba laptop, but most of my files are on the RC&D laptop. I'm hoping that somebody brings an HP to the blogger meetup tonight at 7 at Java Joes.


There will be a fairly large "Freedom Blackout" all day Friday, from 7 AM to 9 PM. The Freedom Blackout will help keep the terrorists from infiltrating our small community. It will also allow CUC to make some of the repairs that they should have done 10 years ago.

The Freedom Blackout will affect most of the island.

I wonder why CUC can't do this from 7 PM to 9 AM, when most of the island would be asleep? Why inconvenience 60,000 people when you could inconvenience the handful of technicians instead?

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bradinthesand said...

Take a breath "Freedom Boy," the news isn't actually all that bad. The story I read said that blackouts are from 7am-9am and 12:30pm-3pm. It's not supposed to be an all day thing and details will be in tomorrow's Tribune.